Should I Be Excited?

Posted by Sugarplum on June 25, 2015 in personal, Philippines, travel |

In two weeks time, that anticipated big trip to my home country is coming. All our bags have been packed 5 weeks before our travel date. Excited? Obviously, yes! So many reasons to be excited about whenever I take a vacation to the country I grew up in. I so look forward to eating all […]

God Has Brought So Much Joy to Me on Christmas!

Posted by Sugarplum on December 29, 2014 in personal, Philippines, thoughts, tough times |

Somehow God is real, God is alive and hears my woes. He knows exactly how I feel. He knows I have been so disappointed with regards of the lawsuit that until now is not over. He knows I am hurting and that He cheered me up just before His birthday. He blessed us with something […]

I Saw My Father Again

Posted by Sugarplum on January 22, 2014 in dreams, personal, Philippines |

I had a beautiful dream two nights ago that it made me smile when I woke up the following morning. In my dream, my father visited me. He just had a bath and looked very fresh, he walked toward me and I greeted him, “good morning, iyo” and he smiled at me… and that’s it. […]

Can’t Go to the Beach

Posted by Sugarplum on May 15, 2013 in personal, Philippines, travel, vacation |

One of the many things Jadyn and I anticipated while being here in the Philippines is going to the beach and have fun with my family. But due to an unexpected major expense, it looks like we cannot go to the beach anymore. We are currently processing of transferring a portion of our lot to […]

Couldn’t Keep It a Secret Any Longer

Posted by Sugarplum on April 9, 2013 in personal, Philippines |

More three months I managed to keep my vacation a secret to my mother and two other small siblings. But then due to North Korea’s threat to its neighboring nations, I decided to just let my brother inform my mother that we are coming for in case something unfavorable comes up, they’ll know where we […]

I’m Just Getting Worried

Posted by Sugarplum on February 12, 2013 in personal, Philippines, thoughts |

It has been over a week since our travel agent told me that she’s going to forward the final itinerary for our travel in two months but still no email from her. I am getting worried for the prices might go up and she wasn’t able to book us at the price we both agreed […]

I Hope Balik-Bayan Box Will Arrive Within this Week

Posted by Sugarplum on December 12, 2012 in personal, Philippines |

With so many negative news about some freight forwarders these days, I can’t help but be worried of my balik-bayan box that I sent to my family last September 30th. I sent it through a different company for the first time (which is not familiar to me) and there is no way I can track […]

Papa Wherever You Are, I Missed You!

Posted by Sugarplum on May 15, 2012 in papa, personal, Philippines, thoughts |

I can’t help but shed tears when I saw this picture on Facebook shared by my cousin in Seno’s crib group. It’s been seven months since his passing but the pain never go away. I still can’t believe I no longer have a father whom I can comfortably talk just about anything else. I have […]

He Would Have Been 54

Posted by Sugarplum on April 15, 2012 in papa, personal, Philippines, photos |

It was my father’s birthday yesterday Philippine time. He would have been 54. Since it is still April 14 here in the United States, it is still his birthday today and I wanna say ( if ever his spirit is reading this) ¬†HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! I MISSED YOU DEARLY! I hope you are happy where […]

Wants To Attend The Party

Posted by Sugarplum on March 26, 2012 in birthday, family, occasion, party, personal, Philippines, thoughts |

How amazing it is for a four-year old child’s mind associating birthdays with PARTIES. I told her last night that it was her Auntie Alex’s 12 birthday yesterday Philippine time and she said, I wanna go to Auntie Alex and attend the party! Teewweeewww! I can’t help but laugh out loud because of her statement. […]

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