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Posted by Sugarplum on March 3, 2014 in personal, rantings, thoughts |

A few days ago, I got involved into a heated argument with someone I know since kindergarten. We just got reconnected on Facebook and she perhaps felt that we’re still close like we used to be growing up and going to the same school together until high school. It has been 14 years since we parted ways and it’s through Facebook we heard from each other again.

We used to joke a lot, hanged out a lot and just had fun you know? Our high school class of 2000 is planning a reunion next month, this girl I am talking about jokingly mentioned names of her classmates/schoolmates who are now married to white men to provide for a roasted pig. I have no problem with that. What got into my nerves is that, the “manner” her words were hurled at me was offensive. To her, it was all a joke but on my part, it was like “yaga yaga” to me. The way she said it in the group, on her wall and in private message is obliging me to buy it as if I owe anything to anyone.

People should realize that, you don’t appreciate other people whom you just got reconnected with on Facebook bitching you around with anything! Get it?

It is okay to ask but in a proper way, ask nicely if you want something from me. Me, being married to an American somehow give her an idea of being “rich” and that I should buy that damn roasted pig for them. I could only tolerate bad jokes once or twice but she did it more than five times and I ERUPTED, I insulted her in private message. One of her lines, “Analy lechon baboy imoha naminyo man ka’g kano, dato man ka!” She was not only happy telling that to me in public but she also PMed me saying, “lechon baboy lage imo oi” … If you were me, would you be happy with that? I don’t think so?

I will not apologize for what I said to her for she started it, I only fired back because I got fed up with her. She was very annoying! Some people in the group wondered why was that an issue? It wasn’t an issue until someone reacted to my Facebook wall posting. It was just between me and that specific girl but then somebody posted her reaction on the FB group. A lot of people don’t know what was really happening and how it started so they might be thinking bad about me now, but who cares? At the end of the day, their opinions don’t matter to me.

Duh, I just can’t sit here and say nothing. I have my own opinion and was just stating a fact. Those who can’t relate took it negatively, those who experienced the same thing… they related with my vent.

One thing before I go, JOKE RESPONSIBLY! DO NOT BITCH AROUND PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY LIVE OVERSEAS! That does not give you all the rights to do so!

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  • Jenevib Wayt says:

    thats right not all filipina that get married an american has a lots of money ….even the money a dollar here in phils is big money to us. not all married white people has a lots of money

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