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Filipinos who never tried finding their destiny outside the country think that when you live abroad, you are living life in beds and roses. No matter how or what the educational attainment a person has, if he or she has pea-sized brain then she is shallow.
I had a chat with my neighbor back home, this girl already has a bachelor’s degree in something I don’t know. We knew each other since we were elementary, highschool and college. Amazingly we went to the same schools from elementary ’till college. I just recently found her on facebook and believe me, it felt good when you found someone in your hometown and knowing that you know the person too well.
Anyway, the other day we chatted again for the second time and she asked me when I am gonna come home and told her that I should save up some money first for the tickets and allowance while I’m there. Can you believe what she said? “KADATO U“. I was like HUH? I was in disbelief she said that, she sounded immature and childish.
Yes, I am living in America but that doesn’t mean I AM RICH for I am not and I never felt that way although I am more accustomed to comfort and convenience that America has to offer and have all my LUHO being given to me by my husband. Yet I still consider myself as average, I don’t have that much money to be considered RICH. I blog to earn money for my financial aid to my family back home, my husband busted his ass working trying to make ends meet. Because in America, if you don’t work, you can’t eat, you can’t pay the bills/mortgage and worse you will find yourself homeless.
My reply to her statement was simply, how can you say that? How do you know that? I didn’t know I am rich! I was pissed.
Luckily, she didn’t reply to my last chat otherwise MALAT-AN SA INSULTO BAYHANA!


  • Stephane says:

    This content can shock some people.

    hi. I been in the Philippines in 2007. I stayed there 2 months. Because I went to met a girl I met online and blablabla… That’s not important.

    So basically I went there without knowing anything about the Philippines. I been told it’s a poor country. I saw few images on the internet. I was like: people there are like people here in Canada…They’re just poor. It’s not really their fault. Their government is corrupted. That sucks. Well my friend I was really naive thinking this. I will skip the boring details about my wife and I. I want to talk about what I saw there. And how people are living. There is so much to tell that I don’t even know where to start. There is no law there. Or if there’s a law nobody take it seriously. You can see some 4 years old kids playing alone on the highway at one feet from getting smashed by cars without any surveillance. trucks compacted of people. You really wonder how they can breath. It’s total anarchy on the road. You can see a guy on a tricycle giving a ride to a pig. A butcher sleeping on the counter right in front of the costumers (no one care). If you are white people will try to scam you on everything they can. You can see people selling street food full of flies that has stayed there all day long (no problems at all. everybody is happy). People throw their garbage anywhere they want. They piss and shit anywhere. I’m not trying to degrade anyone. This is simply what I saw there. And if you ask to filipino people how come it’s so poor there they will tell you it’s the fault of the government. Like they are all some victims. That might be a little exaggerated to say that the poverty in the Philippines is the people’s choice but on another hand we cannot say that people are trying to change things. Filipino people are so sensitive that if we tell them the truth they will cry or get mad. But still the Filipino dream is to get out in the USA.

    The filipino mentality in general is very anti progressive. They are ultra religious and use it as their buoy. They’re brainwashed since birth and for them there is no other theory on evolution than Adam and Eve. The church is keeping people in ignorance and poverty.

    There is a fragrant lack of order, discipline and sense of responsibility from people there. A massive lack of ethic. Some disorder everywhere. Sadly. (Well sadly for me when I see that but people there don’t look to have any problem with this. They love it a lot. You go to a public reserve and you see and hear 20 different families signing on the videoke in the same time (which was driving me crazy) )

    During the first nights I passed there I was so mad thinking about everything I could see there in an entire day that I could not sleep. I was trying to find a solutions on how their government can fix things. After few days I was like: Why am I trying to think for a bunch of people who just don’t give a shit about what’s going on? They are happy this way. They enjoy going to church, loving the little baby jesus, texting all day long, go to sit on an upside down bucket to watch cars passing. Smiling, signing and looking cute.Slack off Joe!

    Nobody is perfect of course! But whose talking about being perfect? But that? come on!

    If you think I’m wrong about certain points don’t be shy to let me know.

    (Sorry if the English is not my first language. I’m French Canadian. I’m doing my best).

    • Texas-Sweetie says:

      I agree with you! I now live in America for 7 years and I see the big difference between the two countries. Those Filipinos that have dream, they went abroad and work hard for the better of their future. Those that don’t dream, think their future is today stayed and remained in the Philippines doing nothing. There are so many of them here.

      Couples with no job are the ones who produce lots of children. Sad but that’s the truth.

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