Mouthpiece Trial

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Different shapes of mouths of players need different type of mouthpiece. Browse yours on the link provided if you are looking for one or you can avail the company’s promotion, wwbw mouthpiece trial. Click on the link for brass mouthpiece buying guide to ensure the best mouthpiece for you. Also, a lot of information that is really helpful for you there that you don’t want to miss out visiting the page for just that or simply browsing their products and what’s on sale. Enjoy and may you find answers to your questions.


I am Cursed yet I am Blessed

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Someone in the Philippines is smoking mad at me right now for not sending her financial support since February this year. Not my fault. And yes, I’ve heard a lot of bad-mouthing from her towards me, I could care less. She curse me and I am blessed. I am blessed more than ever. So, now who’s the loser?

She’ll be eaten alive with all her bitterness and anger, I will not be able to hear all of them because I am thousands of miles away from her and I am thankful I am. I live a happy and peaceful life with my own family and that is all that matters to me now. No stress, no worries and only have minor problems if there are any.

Thank You, God for continuing to bless me with good health, safety, good family and marriage and oh well, financially as well.


Saxophone and Clarinet Reeds

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Are you in search of that high quality and affordable or marked down clarinet or saxophone reeds? Search for rico reeds at MF’s even on the site. You will have many options and you can search by star rating, savings and specials, customer reviews, by price or by brands. Or simply click on the left shop by best sellers and top rated to make your search fast and quick. Hope you find that very piece necessary to keep your play going.


Your Life, Your Worry

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You have your life, I got mine. Your life, your worry. I worry mine and I have nothing to do with yours since the day you chose your favorite son. Whatever’s going on with your life, suck it up.

As for me here, I am enjoying my life with my own family. I am having peace of mind here so I should not get myself involved with the messy life you choose to live. My obligation to you has ended when you did not listen to me.

No matter what people say, I just have to be firm so you’ll know I am not a child anymore who you used to manipulate and boss around.

I wanted you to have an easy life, I helped you out and showed my concern to you yet you ignored that. What can I do? I will not continue to be nice to people who obviously do not see my care.


Get Reviews of your Products

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It is important for small and beginner sellers to make their products be known to their targeted customers in order to make sales. Some give out samples of their products and ask for people for their honest reviews because it is very important for potential shoppers to know the pros and cons of what they are buying. With that being said, small sellers can just register and collect Cozy Winters Reviews for their product. If you are one of them and want to have some exposure of the merchandise you’re selling, this website is for you. Check it out!


Productive and Blessed Morning

Posted by Sugarplum on January 14, 2016 in personal |

Wow! After a while of not updating my blogs, I find it hard to believe that I actually wrote 5 entries for my tasks and inserted two personal entries in two blogs. It’s one of those days that I feel productive and do something worthwhile on the internet.

Since blogging had slowed down, I don’t update my blog as often as I used to in my earlier blogging years. But then, God has given me five tasks yesterday which I now able to publish today, my blogging energy has somewhat kicked in.

I truly feel I am productive so early in the morning and is way blessed more than I expected. Thank You so much Lord for the outpouring blessings everyday!

I may have to write some more later when I have the time. It’s about time to go across the street and take care of the elderly woman then I plan on getting on the treadmill and elliptical when I come back an hour and a half later.



Great Supplements

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I am currently taking just one supplement for my hair, skin and nails. When there is a good deal on supplements and vitamins, I’d buy more than I need to last for a month or two. I wish I could take two or more other kinds of supplements in order to maintain youthful glow, keep immune system strong, healthy digestive system and etc. But then I have not seen a good deal on vitamins or partly because I have not decided what specific product I would like to take everyday. I may have to look for great supplements at supplementedge.com, compare their prices from other drug stores and mass retailers and see who has the best price or discounts for them.

It’s not only me that needs vitamins and supplements. I also have two girls that need them so they grow up healthy, strong and smart. What they are taking right now is the one by Disney, the gummy ones and I don’t think it’s enough. I know I sound exaggerating but taking two or more supplements is not bad, either.


The kind of pickup your mom warned you about!

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The kind of pickup your mom warned you about is the Gibson tony iommi. It’s the same humbucker that Tony Iommi uses in his Signature Gibson SG to give Black Sabbath its legendary sound. Heavy punch, balanced lows, blistering mids and razor-edged highs are what you are looking for in a guitar pickup, might as well choose Tony Iommi. Gibson uses 4-conductor wiring in the Tommy Iommi Pickup to make it adaptable for any desired wiring design.
To find out more about this product, please click on the link above and to browse the website for more cool merchandise.


Assisting My Elderly Neighbor

Posted by Sugarplum on October 2, 2015 in personal |

Wow! Now I can relate to other people who shouted with pride on Facebook that they received their first paycheck! I know how it feels now that I got mine! Woohooo! Although it’s not my first time being compensated of doing something or offering my service to people because I have received countless $$ from my blogging before but this time it’s different. It’s the first time I actually earn this much rendering my time and service to other people from outside the home and it’s a physical check, hello. It’s the first time I actually got hold of something physically. Whereas blogging money goes directly to my Paypal and from there to my bank account.

A neighbor across the street approached me two weeks ago if I could go to her mother’s house and do little things for her mother on certain days.

I see it as a blessing because it is not everyday we are being blessed like this with the Lord, ang grasya na niduol, ika nga! I am thankful because now I have part time that I can spend my time with. I honestly don’t feel like it’s a job. Going to the neighbor’s house is like visiting a friend and see how she’s doing. It is so convenient for me and my child and the schedules are flexible!

Aside from that, the elderly is nice and a good person. She gets happy and smiling when we enter in her house and for that I am beginning to fall for her, treating and respecting her like my own grandmother. She is very old and I can only pray she lives another year so we can see her longer. Mind you people, she is 102 years old, going 103 in December!

Anyway, since my secondborn has been good to me everytime we go visit the neighbor, I told her that I would buy her rainbow dash as her prize for being a good girl everytime!


Riptide Ukelele for a Replacement

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I have these two made-to-order Ukeleles that I brought from the Philippines. It took almost a month for each to make and be completed but when I showed them to my husband, he didn’t say anything about the quality. I told him what I think… and what I think is that they are good quality. When he doesn’t say anything, meaning he doesn’t want to disappoint me and does not agree they are good quality. I know him more than anyone else.

I bought them for my two girls because I want them to learn how to play a musical instrument preferably, a guitar. And I thought those ukeleles I bought would be a good start for them while learning and later on, if their father wants, he can just replace them with a riptide ukulele since it is more expensive and guaranteed high quality.

The Riptide UT-2N Tenor Ukulele has a solid spruce top for the best in tone, volume and sustain. The backs and sides are made of rosewood. The Boulder Creek exclusive “Dual Port System” allows both the performer and listener to hear the music better. Die-cast tuning machines keep things in tune while abalone binding around the body and both soundports add elegance. The fine finish and detail work on this tenor ukulele are evident and the sound it produces is sure to please any ukulele enthusiast.

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